Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Movies this week

Ok so ill try tell you about some of the cooler movies of the week some unheard of movies, and DVD's I think are cool

Im not too sure on the plot but its about a pyschologist who investigates sex its had really good reviews so id check it out i'm going to try

looks like it might be fun ! Ill check it out but thats because im in love with miss penelope cruz , check her our in vanilla sky , a fav film of mine!

Avoid Ring 2 and Be Cool. They have average to bad reviews and they deserve them.

On the DVD's I'm looking forward to one of the best films in my opinion of last year , I Heart Huckabees, classed as an exestential comedy it is just that, hilarious , thought provoking, great cast ( Dustin Hoffman is in his acting element these days and heres one of the reasons why ! ) Its also nice to see mr Jason "Rushmore" Schwartzman as Albert the Envirolmentist, playing of against Jude law's supermarket boss character. The great cast just continues, Mark Whalberg really shines as a Fire Fighter questioning the use of petroleum! which means he rides his bike to emergencies! and the lovely miss Naomi Watts, the future miss anne darrow of king kong! You need to see it to believe it, youll either love or hate it but give it a chance! The Jon Brion score rocks too ( he did the score for eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, punch drunk love and magnolia)

Ah i guess some real stuff about me, well im currently revising for my year 2 medic exams in june, its very stressful but will pay off I hope. I have a mock exam in the morning which shall be fun. I have had no spare time though which is a shame though because im having a go at writing my own screenplay! Something to do with the theme of hate and love and how their intertwined with each other even though their so opposite but ill let you know what happens with it as it progresses.

Bye For now !

Ok so heres my first "content" so to speak, a couple of reviews on the latest episode of 24 , and the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou soundtrack.

24 Series 4 6.00 PM - 7.00PM

Ok so where do I start if your not watching this you need to be 24 is one of the hottest shows round now and day 4 in my opinion is becoming the best ! To catch up on whats happened, a terrorist organisations has taken control of the "override" a device that has the capability to control and set the nucleur power plants of america in to meltdown. The terrorists have succesfully put one into meltdown and in the previous episode, Jack and Curtis found Marwan ( the lead terrorist) work place and stopped the rest of the plants going into meltdown. So now they have the override, surley everythings ok , .... well no, marwan got away ! and the head of CTU Erin Driscoll has just had to deal with the suicide of her daughter !

So this leads us into this episode! Marwan is still at large, he meets up with a collegue and discuses how everything is still as planned and they are to head for the airfield/port. This poses an interesting question, whats else is planned and whats it got to do with an airport. For those of you naughty enough to read spoilers will perhaps know, but I guess this is where the show may change direction.

Also in this episode Jack and Paul Raines ( Jacks girlfriend, Audrey Raines seperated husband.) head to the offices of Mclen and Forrester ( the company who produced the override) to search Marwans files as duh he worked there. However when they get there the CEO and staff are in trouble they are apparantly involved in selling developed weapons to terrorists, and so in order to stop Jack and Paul finding information are forced to release a Electro Magnetic Pulse ( EMP) to erase all electronic information in like a 10 block radius ! Unfortunatley succeding regardless of Jack pushing the big metal door of the EMP closed. Paul however prints off some incriminating information in time and is chased by one of the staff and manages to hide , but is he going to get caught ? What does all this mean are they involved with the attacks and the impending threat ? any thoughts ?

And then there was the return of a familiar face. In the words of Mr ( newley reinstated head of CTU) Tony Almeida "yeah she used to be my wife " .... fun times ahead " what you guys think ?

The Life Aquatic Soundtrack

Now I love all of wes andersons films from bottle rocket through rushmore and the royal tennenbaums to the newest , life aquatic with steve zissou and the music is just as good.

This album again uses the help of mr Mark Mothersbaugh to give the unique style that mark creates on all of wes's films , that baroque-esque hipness to it all and again it fits in perfectly.

We get the addition of my Bowies Life on Mars a fitting song, but the real star here is Seu Jorges portugeuse covers of Bowie songs which give the film a unique sound all the way through. This soundtrack has such a mixture of so many elements and id recomend it alone for Seu Jorge.

If your fan of any of the previous soundtracks from rushmore or tennenbaums check it out , any one else fans of the music ?

Thats all for now


Hi all just a quick hello ! hope you might find what I have to say of some interest! My names Damian and im a medical student, Im going give you lots of useless information so be prepared, my main passion is movies, music and tv so ill have lots of related info posted, feel free to comment and enjoy!